Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back soon...

BeginningWithMoses.org will be alive again soon. Everything is there for your browsing and encouragement. When we return - on September 1st - there should be a selection of new articles and reviews. Soon after that, October 2005 will mark our third birthday!

Behind the scenes we're working on databasing the site, this will make minimal visible difference but will massively improve the usability of the site for you! Essentially it'll help you to search for what you want to find. An added bonus is that it'll help us to update things more easily! This might not be live in September but it'll be with you sometime in the autumn, we hope!

Keep exploring, and do comment your feedback.
What do you find helpful on site?
Which is the most useful article? (and why?)
How can we improve?
What would you like to see us provide?

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