Sunday, September 18, 2005

Systematic Theology vs Biblical Theology?

Kevin Bauder shares his thoughts

I recall thinking about this a while back in relation to Peter Jensen's The Revelation of God... concluding that it is a great example of Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology.

On another note, we're making some good progress behind the scenes to database the site and make the whole thing much easier to use. In honesty it'll be a few months before you can feel the benefit of that but we're on the case.

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John H said...

Agreed - Jensen's book is superb, particularly the way he takes the gospel of Jesus Christ as the paradigm for understanding revelation generally, rather than engaging in an academic exercise of considering some abstract concept of "revelation".

There is no God other than the one who has been revealed in Jesus Christ; there is no revelation other than the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.