Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's all about you, Jesus

Dan Cruver:
"Only “Christo-centric” preaching can really lead the hearers to true virtue, gospel holiness. Typical preaching only distills “Biblical Principles” which do not see the text in its redemptive-historical context. Thus it is only natural that the application part of such a sermon will tend to merely exhort people to conform to the principles. Only Christo-centric preaching can produce gospel holiness.."
Is it a Christ-centred Sermon? (8 posts)

Dave Cruver:
""The Gospel of our God-Centered God changes everything for His Glory and our joy."

Few things are as exciting as seeing lives and relationships changed through the Gospel of Jesus the Christ Who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and the Savior of mankind."
What am I known for?
Christ-centred preaching

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