Friday, October 27, 2006

Technical Fault


As you may have noticed is currently unavailable. Or at least when you go to the URL what you find is a rather unhelpful placeholder. Here's the story in case you're wondering....

Basically, we were in the process of changing some of how the site works behind the scenes and this led to a delay in renewing the domainname. Because of this, which essentially was our fault, the company we had it registered with swapped our site for a placeholder. And for now we don't have the ability to change that page. Consequently it looks like a rather odd religious webpage, somewhat askew from our goals and objectives. Please don't think that we've abandoned our commitment to Biblical Theology!

The website still exists it's just that the front door has gone walkabout. Our registrars are under instructions to fix everything and we really hope it wont be long until that happens. is coming back some how, some time soon.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience to you because of this, and really annoyed that we slipped up and let this happen. Hope you can forgive us and will continue to enjoy the resources we've gathered when we can get the frontdoor open again.

Our plans for the next year are to keep expanding the site with quality resources and to improve the design and accessibility of things, since our content has somewhat outgrown the existing design.

With apologies,

Dave, on behalf of the editorial team.

UPDATE: Still no news on the resurrection of Moses... but if a little service update, if you're in urgent need of one of our resources then drop me an email on letting me know which article you're wanting access to and I'll send you a copy asap. I appreciate that isn't the same as the site being fully available but I hope it helps a bit.

UPDATE 12th November: So it turns out the problem wasn't actually our failure to renew things but that the company concerned had disappeared. Apparently this is all recoverable but may take some time..... Life is vapour and it turns out that ISPs and Servers are too.


John H said...

Sorry to see about the problems with the BWM site - hope you can get it back up and running very soon.

abcaneday said...

Did someone hijack the URL, What appears at this address is strange. Is it simply a filler until you resolve the technical issues?

I was rather concerned when I clicked on the link to do some browsing at Biblical Theology Briefings today.


Anonymous said...

the concern is wide spread

Anonymous said...

basically the domain didn't quite get renewed in time... and so that's the automatic page the domain name people put in...(grr)... it's being fixed, slowly...

we will be back.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to have a look at Graham Beynon's article on 2Kings 2 - is there any way of getting a copy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous - yes. Drop me an email on
and I'll send you a copy.

...and that applies to other articles if people desperately want them.


Anonymous said...

Bummer! I want my Moses! I figured something like that had happened. On another point, would you take sermon from new contributors? My pastor, Elliot Grudem (yes, that Grudem), preaches redemptive-historically & Christ-centeredly and he is going through Ruth right now (through Advent) and would have some good material. I'm asking on his behalf before I approach him. OBviously you'd want to look it over. It would fit right in with the aims of the site.

Unknown said...


Yeah, really annoying.

We're always after new contributors. I think we'd gladly consider a Biblical Theology Briefing on Ruth or anything else for that matter.

Happy to send the guidelines your way since they're not available at the moment.