Saturday, May 05, 2007

Could you refit

Help Wanted: is almost five years old. It's a labour of love for us that we keep going in our spare time. Technically speaking the whole thing is getting a bit unwieldy. We're looking for someone who shares our passion for Biblical Theology who has the ability to give us a technical refit and get the site properly databased and more accessible, for no cost. If that's you, get in touch. Email Dave

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Family Blogs said...

Hi There!

Really enjoying your blog, and was particularly helped by your review of 'The Mission of God' which I'm currently working through and enjoying.

In terms of a refit, have you considered using Google Page Creator to make BeginningWithMoses a website rather than a blog. I recently used this resource to set up a personal/missionary website free of charge and found it to be excellent with oodles of storage space. You can also give the site a .com or address by buying a domain.

The only drawback might be that there is no facility for comments etc.

Sorry if this suggestion is blindingly obvious or patronising, but I thought it might be of use if you hadn't considered it.

Keep up the good work,