Monday, August 21, 2006

Carl Trueman's I ♥ Biblical Theology

"if Lloyd Jones led the revolution which placed preaching back at the centre of British evangelicalism, the biblical theology movement has led the second revolution which has put careful attention to Christ-centred exegesis back at the centre of preaching."
(The Wages of Spin, p171 - A revolutionary balancing act)

"No-one should be allowed within a million miles of a pulpit who does not have a proper respect for biblical theology in terms of the overall story of redemptive history, a firm greasp of the importance of systematic theology, creeds and confession and a critical handle of contemporary culture."
(The Wages of Spin, p185)


Adam Sparks said...

Thought you might be interested to know Carl Trueman will be speaking in London on Sept 30th. Details here:
or email

Unknown said...

Thanks, we advertised this here: Theology for all conference

Anonymous said...

A little one sided here bluefish- I think Trueman is making the point that biblical theology in conjunction with ST and creeds is healthy. By implication, I think he would feel BT on its own probably is not too healthy. Thoughts

Unknown said...

Jim - I entirely agree. We need the best of both.