Thursday, August 10, 2006

(more reasons why) I ♥ Biblical Theology

"good biblical theology is
theology for the church,
which drives the church
to worship."
- Alistair Wilson, reviewing
GK Beale: The Temple & The Church's Mission

A few words about The Temple & The Church's Mission.

Beale himself writes:
our task as the covenant community, the Church, is to be God’s temple, so filled with his glorious presence that we expand and fill the earth with that presence until God finally accomplishes the goal completely at the end of time (p. 402).
"This is not an abstract study of the architecture and furnishings of the temple, as some prospective readers might fear from the title alone. Rather, it is about the biblical revelation of the Lord’s personal presence with his people and the implications of that fact for the rest of creation."

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