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Could you refit

Help Wanted: is almost five years old. It's a labour of love for us that we keep going in our spare time. Technically speaking the whole thing is getting a bit unwieldy. We're looking for someone who shares our passion for Biblical Theology who has the ability to give us a technical refit and get the site properly databased and more accessible, for no cost. If that's you, get in touch. Email Dave

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Gospel-Centred Hermeneutics
(Graeme L. Goldsworthy)

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The Messianic Music of the Song of Songs
(James Hamilton)

The One Who Does Them Shall Live By Them
(James Hamilton)

Friday, May 04, 2007

The centrality of penal substitution

Talking about The Cross at The Coffee Bible Club...

"Penal substitution has to be "central" for me because I read my bible. That may sound like a ridiculously blank statement, so I'll explain what I mean... I don't think that penal substitution normally gets pushed out of the picture on its own. What normally happens is that parts of God's character get pushed out of the picture. This particularly happens when the story of the Old Testament gets sidelined."

Sam Shearn - No room for despair