Sunday, July 17, 2005

Just a Moment

Mo at The Lepreblog is worth checking out. Sharp insights and Irish wit.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Food for Life

Scott writes on Biblical Theology for New Zealand's Younger Generation. And puts it into practice Rehoboam's Folly - 1 Kings 12v1-15. The big question I had when I'd finished Goldsworthy's defining book - Gospel & Kingdom was HOW? WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE IN A SERMON? HOW DO I DO THIS IN MY OWN BIBLE STUDY? Emailing him with that question landed me on the Team.... Gotta keep asking the questions though. This stuff is simply too important not to.

"But the thing that broke my heart, is that although these students were thirsty for more I realised that their churches don’t offer this type of food....How will we respond? What will we do to make the message of the Bible known to the next generation? Surely the church today has an amazing opportunity to further God’s kingdom in this way. But what is needed for the task?" (Scott Mackay)

Preaching Group

First Book Groups... now welcome to the Preaching Group - run by a few ex-UCCF Staff by the look of it. See also Steve Palframan's Sermons
Time for you guys to do us some Biblical Theology Briefings methinks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Globetrotting in the Summer Time

David Gibson is globetrotting doing research for his PhD.
Dave Bish is also quite busy at the moment.
Hence this blog has gone a bit quiet. We will return!

Meanwhile - be reminded - is not updated in July or August. But we will be back with avengance in September 2005. Still there are vast quantities of articles to there to keep you busy for now! Get yourself up to date!

New Blogger and Belgium-bound missionary Etrangere is linking to us!