Monday, January 09, 2006

UK Blog Offer

Are you a UK blogger?

We'd like you to help us get some book reviews done. Publishers send us free copies of books so we can publish the reviews at We can't keep up with the demand on our own so we need your help!

What we'd like you to do is to email us with your blog-url and your postal address. Please also let us know whether theological textbook or popular level best suits the context you're in and the training you've had. (And hey, tell us anything else about you that you think we'd like to know!)

Then when a suitable book becomes available to review we'll get in touch, sending it to you with our book review guidelines.

And then you have bit of time to read the book, write the review, email it to us to be checked (for whether it meets our requirements for a review, rather than for "content"), then publish it on your blog, send us the link, and we'll publish it on the site too, with a nice link back to your blog... and you get to keep the free book!

You'll probably want to read some of the reviews already on site to get a flavour of what we're looking for too.