Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Paul muses about Christian Bookshops. Where do you get your books? What future for Christian bookshops?


Dave K said...
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Dave K said...

I shop at my local independent (50% Christian 50% general secondhand) bookshop in my town. it has a limited selection but is generally well chosen. When I am looking for something more academic I visit SPCK, and for anything obscure or American I use Amazon.

I do worry about the future for Christian bookshops as they seem to be all either SPCKs or WesleyOwen. The first is a bit liberal, and churchy, the second seems to stock piles and piles of the sort of books that give charismatics (and American christianity for that matter) a bad name.

Having said that I do think we are very blessed, because, as far as the book trade is concerned, Christianity is a minority interest group. But it somehow manages to sustain a number of publishers and shops which no other 'interest group' can come close too. This is largely due I think to the charities involved (e.g. SPCK), and the fact that those that are businesses accept a much, much lower profit margin.

PS I only deleted my previous comment because it contained some horrible grammer.

Chris Meirose said... has been great for me. It gives me some insight from other reviewers, so I am less likely to impulsively buy. Also, the delay of getting the book reduces my impulse buys. has also been good. My hometown (Sioux Falls, SD, USA) has a great locally owned Christian bookstore called "Crossroads" that is the standard by which I judge all other brick and mortar establishments. Few measure up from my experience

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Makrothumeo said...

I rarely visit Christian bookshops...mostly they've turned into great bins of "self help" books and gew gaws (catholic and protestant) and CC music...Try finding a decent multi-volume commentary on the Minor Prophets or Genesis...sure, they'll order it, but why go to a store for that?