Sunday, June 12, 2005

Look at Jesus before you choose

We began a series in Hebrews at church this morning and got off to a wonderful start.

Hebrews is a letter written to arrest drift. There are plenty of warnings and reminders throughout that Jesus is better - so don't drift off to embrace alternatives. But we saw this morning how the letter does not open with a warning (that waits until 2:1), but rather opens with showing us Jesus first - hence the sermon title. We had three great teaching points that showed us Jesus as prophet, priest and king in the flow of the text.

1. 'In the past' ... Jesus the final prophet

2. 'He sat down' ... Jesus the perfect priest

3. 'He also says' ... Jesus the reigning King

If Jesus is God's final word, if he carried out his work perfectly and if he executes God's rule supremely, why look elsewhere?

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