Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tobacco Touché

Adrian Warnock has blogged about Christians and tobacco. Wilbur posted in a famous (apocryphal?) story about C. H. Spurgeon.

On one occasion Spurgeon was standing outside his church, The Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, happily smoking his pipe.

"Sir", a concerned passer-by remarked, "don't you know that's the devil's weed?'

"Sir", replied Spurgeon, "don't you know that's why I'm burning it?"


Chris Meirose said...

While I am against smoking, I think we still need to be inviting as a church to those who do smoke. They shouldn't be shunned or judged by us. Sure, I'd rather not sit right next to someone who took one last drag before running into the service, but the same goes for the person who hasn't showered in a few days. I'm happy they came to church, and if I have to deal with that to keep them coming, I will do so in love.

Chris Meirose said...

A second thought, "perfume lady" is more offensive to me than is the person who was just smoking. The smoke smell dies out, the power of the perfume seems to grow. A little scent is great, smelling like you immersed your body in it is not good. And please, limit yourself to just one perfume/cologne per day.

Phil Johnson said...

Spurgeon on smoking: